Process & People

All product from Unmarked America is designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A. 

J Salta believes that the design and ideas are only the start of the unique and quality product Unmarked American brings to our customers. After J carves each initial piece from wax it then goes on a journey to be cast, molded, reworked, scrutinized and then repeat. 

"Although, I start the design process and make every piece by hand for me to say that I do this process alone would just not be true to who I am or what I want Unmarked America to be. I strongly believe in the collaborative process and that means giving credit to every skilled person I work with. From the people who cast the wax carvings into metal to the last person to turn a jump ring on a chain before it gets shipped to a customer. These people are the ones who always get overlooked in the manufacturing industry. So although it is romantic to think that one person dose it all that simply is not true. It takes a village or rather an industry to build even the most simple thing and I want to recognize them and let them feel as proud of their jobs as I do of mine."